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Crisis Resources for Kids and Families

Each day there is more on the news about Ukraine and Russia. When kids hear or read about these upsetting news reports, it can create or heighten feelings of uncertainty and anxiety. It is difficult to shield kids from the news because of their use of the internet and social media. Therefore, it is important to have age-appropriate and honest discussions to help them process what they are hearing. Answering their questions in a caring way and talking to them about what they are hearing will help ease their concerns.
Yes, it's very hard to talk to kids about a war! But we need to show our willingness and readiness to talk when they are ready or have questions. 
Important Tips:
1. Remind them they are safe, that the war is far away, and that there are a lot of adults trying to help improve the situation.
2. Validate their feelings.
3. Limit exposure to frightening news- this is crucial, especially for younger children.
4. Remind them of ways they can help (fundraisers, donations) - a sense of community can be very healing. 
Below are some other resources you can use if you are looking to talk to your kids.
As always, if you have greater concerns for your individual child, you can reach out to your classroom teacher or myself.