Emergency Procedures

  • General information about drills will be sent out by the principal at the beginning of the school year.  A minimum of four (4) drills are required by New York State for all public schools.
  • Attendance issues and absences should be reported to 516-767-5261 by 9:00 a.m.
  • Lateness issues must be communicated in writing when your child arrives at school.
  • Early Pick-up should be communicated directly with the classroom teacher.
  • Any students who are “walkers” must be given a note/email to the classroom teacher in the beginning of the school year, giving permission for them to walk home daily.
  • Parent pick-up occurs on the side of the building, near the gymnasium daily.
  • Excused absences include sickness, doctor appointments and immigration appointments.  Unexcused absences include vacations.