Letter Regarding NYS Grades 3-8 Assessments

March 2023


Dear Parents and Guardians of Students in Grades 3-8:


The New York State assessments in English Language Arts (ELA), mathematics and science are scheduled over the next few months. The ELA exams will be given from 19 April through 26 April; the mathematics exams will be given from 2 May through 4 May; the Science 8 exam will be given from 23 May through 25 May and then 5 June


The schedule is different than in past years due to our movement to Computer Based Testing for some of the assessments. Please review the detailed schedule included with this note. Your child’s building principal will provide more detailed information as we get closer to the testing administrations.


How are the results used?

The  results of the assessments are one of many points of data our teachers and principals use to help monitor your child’s progress in mathematics and ELA, including reading, writing and numeric fluency. The results help to inform you, your child and our professional staff regarding how well your child is mastering the New York State learning standards in these subjects. Additionally, these assessment scores can help determine which students are eligible for Academic Intervention Services (AIS). These assessments are not the only way in which we monitor your child’s progress, however.


Please note that the results of the ELA and mathematics assessments can play a factor in a child’s ability to get into the district’s PEP program under appeal. There are, however, other factors that can be used in lieu of the NYS Assessment scores. For more information, please review Slide 27 in our recent PEP Review presentation: https://bit.ly/3ZzCpce 


What if I do not want my child to take the assessments?

Parents have the right to refuse the 3-8 assessments on behalf of their child. To do so, we ask that parents complete the following form: http://bit.ly/3JycU5k


The building principals will be monitoring this form. If you have already sent an email or letter to your child’s school, please complete the linked form as well.


Thank you for your attention to this matter.




Sean C. Feeney

Assistant Superintendent for Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment




Port Washington Union Free School District

Detailed Schedule of Grades 3-8 Assessments

Spring 2023

ELA [Grade 3 is paper-based; Grades 4-8 are computer-based]

  • Wed., 4/19: Grade 3, Part 1

Grades 6-8, Part 1

  • Thurs., 4/20: Grade 3, Part 2 

Grades 6-8, Part 2

  • Mon., 4/24: Grade 4, Part 1

Grade 3 Make-up

Grades 6-8 Make-up

  • Tues., 4/25: Grade 4, Part 2

Grade 5, Part 1

Grade 3 Make-up

Grades 6-8 Make-up

  • Wed., 4/26: Grade 5, Part 2

Grades 6-8 Make-up

  • Thurs., 4/27: Grade 4 and Grade 5 Make-up
  • Fri., 4/28: Grade 4 and Grade 5 Make-up


Mathematics [Grades 3-5 are paper-based; Grades 6-8 are computer-based]

  • Tues., 5/2: Grades 6-8, Part 1
  • Wed., 5/3: Grades 6-8, Part 2
    Grades 3-5, Part 1
  • Thurs., 5/4: Grades 3-5, Part 2

Grades 6-8 Make-up

  • Fri., 5/5: Grades 3-5 Make-up

Grades 6-8 Make-up

  • Note: Algebra 1 students do not take the Math 8 assessment



  • Tues., 5/23 - Thurs., 5/25: Science 8 Performance Assessment
  • Tues., 5/30: Grade 8 Make-up (Performance Assessment)
  • Mon., 6/5: Science 8 Written Assessment
  • Tues., 6/6: Grade 8 Make-up (Written Assessment)
  • Note: Earth Science students do not take the Science 8 assessment

Note: There is no Science 4 assessment this year