Computer Based Testing for NYS 3-8 Assessments

January 2023


Dear Port Washington Families and Guardians:


Last spring, the New York State Education Department distributed its plans for the full transition to Computer Based Testing (CBT) for all 3-8 ELA, Mathematics and Science assessments by Spring 2026. New York is one of the only two states that has yet to fully implement CBT for the elementary- and intermediate-level testing. That said, over 230,000 students from over 1,000 schools in NYS successfully participated in CBT last spring.

In Port Washington, our plan is to begin this transition this year by administering our 3-8 tests in the following manner:

English Language Arts

  • Traditional, Paper Based Testing (PBT):  All grade 3 students
  • Computer Based Testing (CBT): All students in grades 4-8


  • PBT: All students in grades 3-5
  • CBT: All students in grades 6-8

Principals have already been trained in the administration of CBT, and they have presented the experience to the classroom teachers. Classroom teachers have begun letting students experience the difference between CBT and PBT through New York State‚Äôs sample questions. You can view (and practice on) these sample questions here: 

Please Note the Following

  • As with all NYS assessments, individual student accommodations will be met through the CBT platform.
  • Testing will be spread out over the ELA and Mathematics testing windows (in April and May, respectively).
  • Students and teachers will have an opportunity to practice the format of the online CBT prior to the spring assessments.
  • We will continue to use traditional paper tests for our Grade 3 students, elementary mathematics, NYSESLAT and the Science 8 examinations.
  • During the week of 23 January, some students in each elementary school and Weber will participate in a practice simulation for the CBT experience. Results of this simulation are not collected.

You will receive more information from your building principals regarding the specifics of next week's practice simulation. As we approach the testing dates in April and May, the principals will provide specifics regarding the testing procedures.

Feel free to contact me or your building principal should you have any questions or concerns.



Sean C. Feeney
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum, Assessment and Instruction

Port Washington School District

516 767-4053

[email protected]